Yield Management

Publishers, maximize your revenue with holistic yield management today.

With Innity’s Yield Management, publishers can maximize their exposure to a global network of demand platforms, ensuring publishers do not miss out on any revenue opportunities.

We Make Monetization Easy
For Publishers

Our Full Yield Solution to Publishers

We see yield management as an essential part of our publisher solutions stack.

Monetization Stack

Premium fill from direct sold campaigns – higher RPMs – but low fill rate

Network/ Resellers if any- average RPMs and average fill rate

Other demand source - very high fill rate but average to low RPMs

Our yield management team seeks to maximise the revenue from non-premium inventory for publishers through a variety of ad products, global ad exchanges, PMPs, and creative ad formats.

We also assist publishers to connect with brand advertisers and increase eCPM and ad fill rate to maximize site value.

How Do We Do It?

Maximizing Demand

Optimizing Yield

Demand Management

To ensure equal competition between all demand sources.

Floor Price Management

Setting and managing the floor price to ensure positive net gains from upside scenarios.

Why Innity

Wider Reach

Connect easily with other ad networks and exchanges on a global scale, with a single touchpoint.

Innovative Ad Formats

In addition to standard IAB units, we offer high-impact and engaging ads to maximise publisher revenue.

Experience Matters

Our experienced team will be available to assist with everything from on-boarding to solving everyday ad operations challenges and troubleshooting.