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Publisher Monetization Services

Publisher Monetization Services

Offers full yield solution, consultation and as a reseller to help increase publisher's value.

Platform and Creative

Platform and Creative

Unified ad-serving, programmatic direct, data management as well as dynamic creative optimization are some of the innovations that allow us to drive even further to perfection.

Premium Display and Video Marketplace

Premium Display and Video Marketplace

Our expertise in self-serve technology enabled us to provide high impact ads through display, mobile and even video no matter if it’s in-stream or outstream.

Content Influencer Marketing

Content and Influencer Marketing

Building communities for brands with content, native advertising, and influencers.

Programmatic Trading Desk

Programmatic Trading Desk

Empowering brands in people-based marketing with programmatic SSP/DSP using data management, with Google and Facebook as extra support.



Registered Vendor compliant with IAB Europe GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework

Certified Rich Media & Ad Network Vendor

Adhering to Certified Against Fraud Guidelines to combat fraud more effectively

Brand Safety Certified for assurance in inventory quality

Compliant with the Viewable Impressions measurement standard

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