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We believe that it is important for us to help brands and publishers deliver advertising that matters to the audiences. With Advenue Direct, our proprietary Private Marketplace is designed to facilitate automating the process, providing brand-safe & transparent transactions between buyers and sellers from bid to delivery. A self-serve dashboard that is backed by audience data and high impact ad solutions, enabling the delivery of branding and performance campaigns with ease and at scale.

Our Technology

Self-serve buying solution

A self-serve platform that enables advertisers to plan and book their own digital media as well as design their own display ads. Take control over your campaigns with one IO for all buys from the platform with monthly invoicing.

Data & analytics

Audience data is available to improve targeted reach and performance. Multiple targeting capabilities can be explored from Geo-targeting, channel targeting, time targeting & device targeting.

Ad Generator

Create ads with the built-in-tool on the platform by choosing from the available templates and watch it go live with a few simple steps.

Transparency Cost & Inventory

Besides having total transparency on the cost involved, advertisers will have full control on the inventories, data and ad units available, and the campaigns creatives that are being displayed to the end user. See exactly what inventory,data and ad unit is available. Buy at the price shown (no hidden fees, charges).

Premium Publishers with Audience Data

Purchase inventory from Premium publishers directly with packaged rates, and complemented with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party audience data to improve targeted reach and performance.

High Impact Ad Solutions

Break the clutter and get real engagement with our range of high-impact ad formats with cross-screen capabilities to enable the delivery of the most engaging ads from display, video, mobile, to responsive.

Why Do Advertisers Need This?


Campaign reports and statistics in real-time.


Campaign booking is available 24 hours a day.


Direct online credit card payment.


An integrated HTML5 ad builder.


A Variety of Ad Formats Available

We have multiple ad formats that you can choose from and we’ve even added our creative and engaging high impact ads on the dashboard!

Just upload your existing ad or design your own ad with our ad generator.

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Quality Comes First



Our inventory consistently meets the IAB benchmark for viewability



Fully transparent ad serving system in Asia


Eliminating Fraud

Inventory is monitored and filtered for fraud by the ad server


Brand Safety

In-house and 3rd party brand safety filters are applied to ensure brand safety

Innity provides pre-validated and manually vetted sites to place your campaign. We curate based on the guidelines by: