Innity HK and iion Forge New Paths in Hong Kong

Seizing Market Opportunities: Innity HK and iion capitalize on rising demand for game advertising experiences.

Hong Kong, [22 May 2023] - Innity HK and iion have announced a strategic partnership that aims to redefine Hong Kong's gaming advertising landscape by providing media agencies and brands with immersive and interactive advertising experiences tailored to the diverse gaming audience.

Andy Ng, iion’s Head of Demand APAC, revealed “The partnership emerges as marketers see an opportunity in engaging with gamers who are a hard to reach and valuable segment. In parallel with game advertising demands surge, the collaboration creates an ideal opportunity for the companies to provide interactive, cross-environment advertising solutions.”

An Innovative Game Advertising Approach

Established on March 23, 2023, the partnership combines iion's cutting-edge immersiion platform with Innity HK's digital advertising prowess and network to offer Hong Kong a distinctive and innovative advertising solution.

This approach enables Innity HK and its clients to engage target audiences in diverse gaming environments, such as in-game, around the game, away from the game, and during esports live-streaming.

The Hong Kong Market: Growth Potential and Audience Insights

According to Statista, Hong Kong’s in-game advertising revenue is projected to reach US$35.55 million this year, with an annual growth rate of 7.28% between now and 2027.

This growth presents a significant opportunity for Innity HK and iion to capitalize on the increasing demand for gaming advertising experiences.

A recent GWI report revealed that female gamers now outnumber male gamers in Hong Kong, with over 70% of gamers belonging to the high-to-medium income segment. Additionally, almost 85% of 18-45-year-olds use smartphones for gaming, and nearly 25% of the audience made an in-app purchase in the past 30 days. This diverse audience has interests across various fields, such as technology, sports, finance, travel, and automobiles.

The GWI report further highlights the growing interest in gaming among various age groups, making it essential for marketers to consider innovative advertising strategies that appeal to this expanding audience. By understanding the unique interests and preferences of Hong Kong gamers, Innity HK and iion can tailor their advertising experiences to better connect with this valuable market segment.

Sanjaya, iion Co-Founder, expressed his enthusiasm: "We're thrilled to partner with Innity HK to introduce our immersiion platform to Hong Kong's dynamic gaming ecosystem. Leveraging the rising demand for gaming advertising and the local market's unique characteristics, our collaboration enables media agencies and brands to deliver immersive ad experiences that truly connect with diverse and often hard-to-reach audiences. Hong Kong is a key part of iion's strategic expansion, significantly extending our sales efforts throughout Asia."

Andrew Lim, Managing Partner at Innity HK, shared his excitement: "Innity HK is proud to join forces with iion in this exciting venture. By combining our digital advertising expertise with iion's advanced technology, we're set to revolutionize the gaming advertising landscape in Hong Kong."

Expanding Horizons in Hong Kong’s Gaming Industry

As the gaming industry in Hong Kong continues to evolve, Innity HK and iion are well-positioned to seize the opportunities presented by this dynamic landscape. Through empowering market players to create immersive advertising experiences, the partnership aims to captivate modern audiences and broaden their horizons in the gaming market.