Southeast Asia, 8 March 2017 - Innity, the leading online media and advertising technology provider in APAC, today announced the launch of their Data Management Platform - Advenue DMP, which helps clients and publishers collect, organize, and utilise data all in real time to gain a better understanding of their audience and deliver scalable results. This is in response to the rising needs of clients that want to put to use their data to strengthen engagement with existing and potential customers.

Advenue DMP features the fastest way to analyse and target custom consumers for unique and precise campaigns. It collects, combines, segments, and converts first, second, and third party data into valuable consumer insights which allows better understanding on the brand’s target audience’s online habits. Also, interestingly, all second party data from Innity is shared with all users of Advenue DMP. 

With the platform, Innity is able to enrich the data by combining unlimited data sources to find the perfect customer in terms of behavioural, demographic and brand affinity patterns. Advenue DMP allows publishers to directly integrate their data in to sell-side platforms, thus allowing buyers to buy against publisher first party data. 

Aside from that, Advenue DMP offers clients various ways to enhance data collection via interactive content such as quizzes, contests and more. 

As a result, Innity can provide advertisers a complete customer journey as well as a 360° customer view. Brands, agencies and publishers can seamlessly leverage these insights to enhance campaign performance, create specific audience segments, make informed decisions, and launch personalised marketing campaigns. 

Currently, over 150 advertisers and publishers use Advenue DMP. Publishers such as SinChew, Karangkraf, Zuji Hong Kong, A Day Media, and YesNews have come on board to use Advenue DMP to gain valuable insights into their readers thereby helping them increase the value of their inventory, boost revenue and ensure that all content on their site is user-relevant.

“With Advenue DMP, we can take digital marketing to the next level. We can unlock new and useful ways to benefit and monetise data for our clients. Combined with Innity's unparalleled reach and responsive ad formats, Advenue DMP will help advertisers and publishers deliver increasingly-personalized and impactful campaigns,” said Phang Chee Leong, CEO and Co-Founder of Innity.

Advenue DMP is available in countries including Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam and will eventually expand to the whole of the ASEAN region. 

About Innity

Innity is the leading digital media solutions provider in Asia with up-to-date marketing and advertising products for advertisers, agencies and publishers in the region. A digital pioneer; Innity‘s strength has been to effectively combine the science and art in marketing. The science is executed in the form of best in class ad-serving, tracking, data management and related solutions, while the art is delivered through creativity that deliver high-quality user engagement. Innity continues to be an innovator in the rapidly evolving ad-tech space, ever since its formation in 1999. 

Today with office across 9 countries in Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China) and near to 300 staff, Innity’s services are used by more than 3,000 advertisers, 700 agencies and near to 3,000 publishers.  Innity is well-established and continues to grow swiftly.