Innity Spearheads Premium Programmatic Advertising Inventory in Collaboration with MPPM

Kuala Lumpur, 23 February 2018 - Malaysia Premium Publishers Marketplace (MPPM) has partnered with Innity to offer Malaysia its first Publisher-led programmatic advertising marketplace platform that will now provide advertisers with more control to layer on their own data, audience insights and program advertising across MPPM’s eight leading publisher-led consortium that includes Star Media Group, MCIL, Utusan Malaysia, Kosmo, China Press, Guang Ming Online, Nanyang, and The Edge.

With the new programmatic offering, advertisers can buy into MPPM’s premium publishers network channels that is compatible with Demand Side Providers (DSPs) and Supply Side Providers (SSPs) as well as with the Automated Self-Serve Dashboard capacity.

Advertisers will have exclusive access to advertising features that utilizes exclusive real-time mobile inventory for high impact mobile experience and high viewability plus innovative creative formats for higher interaction and engagement rates.

In addition, advertisers can also leverage on ad units that exceeds performance over the standard IAB ad units presently procurable through programmatic channels. On average, Innity’s ad units are reputed to have higher click-through-rate (CTR) compared to standard programmatic ads.   

“Renowned for its premium advertising inventory and for its technological vanguard in providing ad products that are avant-garde and highly impactful, Innity has provided businesses the extra edge they needed over their competitors when it comes to brand building. 

With the introduction of a truly premium programmatic offering, advertisers now have more control and ease of access while benefiting from our custom ad products, premium publisher inventory, MPPM’s first-party data, Innity’s 2nd party data and 3rd party sources, all within a brand-safe environment,” said Phang Chee Leong, CEO and co-founder of Innity.

“Our partnership with MPPM is the gateway to creating quality advertising that is trusted by brands and audiences and to push the limitations of the current advertising solutions over to new boundaries. Our premium programmatic direct platform simplifies the buying process across the board in an ad fraud-free environment to effectively reach desired audiences. We are proud to collaborate with MPPM in this new endeavour to provide advertisers better access to premium advertising,” stated Fabian Looa, COO and co-founder of Innity.

“Our goal is to ensure the transparency and ethical operating standard of MPPM. We’ll work closely with Innity to manage these ad inventories in order to simplify and ensure the delivery of quality online ad inventory to advertisers. The setting up of MPPM will also empower small and medium size advertisers who could not afford online ad verification services to buy quality local online ad inventory, via self-serving website, with peace of mind.” said MPPM Chairman, Heather Wee.

This new premium programmatic direct offering will be fully launched next month, so advertisers can contact Innity at (Sean Ter, Regional Strategy Director, to experience result-driven advertising that brands can trust.