New solutions, new ad formats, new ways to reach your solutions effectively. Innity takes pride in coming up with new and innovative ideas to help your business reach key objectives. We are constantly coming up with new and improved digital solutions.

Advenue is a 'made in Malaysia' digital advertising platform that has been developed wholly by Innity and is used to enable and facilitate the effective functioning of our digital advertising solutions. The platform enables online publishers (website owners) and advertisers to carry out their advertising processes online. These advertising solutions allow advertisers to plan, create, manage, deploy, and track an advertising campaign from start to finish.

Innity is the first firm in Asia to have its ad platform attain BPA’s Worldwide ad server system certification. BPA Worldwide is a media auditing company that helps firms understand their audience needs in turn enabling them to maintain a competitive advantage.

Uniqueness of Advenue

  • Advenue marries the best features of rich media and performance based marketing thus enabling the delivery of the best advertising campaign

  • Advenue acts as a 3rd-party ad-serving engine to assist advertisers to plan, create, manage, deploy, and track an advertising campaign from start to finish. Additionally, it lightens publishers’ (website owners) servers load by hosting all the creative and providing publisher reports at the end of the campaign.

  • Different from any other ad-serving engine, Advenue is a complete system that allows advertisers/sales people to create campaigns from scratch. They can generate media orders and even monitor the monthly sales. Advenue can also be customized according to individual client needs. Its flexibility to adapt to advertisers’ requirements has made Advenue the first choice among advertisers when it comes to innovative advertisement formats.

  • We work innovatively to think of new ad formats and products that can help in transforming the online advertising market. The industry is increasingly looking to Innity to come out with new and interesting services, for e.g. geo-targeting (target ads location wise), time targeting (target ads time wise) and other unique ad formats – these are all finally served during campaigns using Advenue

Powerful Rich Media Management

As rich media becomes more of a mainstream advertising vehicle, tools for rich media are becoming increasingly important for the publisher and ad network. Advenue provides powerful rich media tools needed to centralize and control successful rich media execution.

Reporting & Analytics

Up to date reports help to improve performance analysis, monitoring and campaign management. You can gain valuable insight about your data and make informal decisions that help boost revenues with advanced reporting.

Sales Pipeline Visibility

Advenue’s Sales Pipeline Visibility has many features such as its ability to establish a clear indication of the sales demand and other opportunities through the pipeline.

It also provides a projection of the leads that are required to meet the annual target. It provides you with information about the sales productivity and a report of which products, solutions and sales people are likely to provide maximum output.

Operational Efficiencies

Advenue integrates all aspects of business to make operations more efficient and profitable throughout the complete campaign lifecycle.
  • Configuration: Flexible site configuration and rapid set-up
  • Inventory management: Powerful inventory delivery forecasting and impact analysis
  • Trafficking and delivery: User friendly interface, sophisticated banner allocation and campaign over/ under reporting
  • Reporting: Comprehensive and customizable real-time reports to review and monitor site and campaign performance
  • Finance: Integrated revenue accounting, campaign billing and publisher payments

Smart Tagging

Advenue's Smart Tagging mechanism increases flexibility in utilizing inventory and provides an easier way to adjust inventory levels based on demand. It also enables you to add or change ad placements on web pages without having to hard code or retag the page.

Robust & Scalable Ad Server

The robust and highly scalable ad server architecture of Advenue delivers premier performance while ensuring maximum system stability even during peak traffic hours without any interruptions affecting your users. Our performance ad servers are distributed across various countries such as the US, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.