Total Impressions Served

More than 2 billion every month

Total Audience Reached

More than 50 million unique
visitors every month

Presence in Asia Pacific

Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia
Vietnam, Philipines, Thailand

Total Websites in Network

More than 10,000 websites
major portals & premier sites
Consumers are active decision makers with ever-changing whims and that makes them difficult to lock down. It's all about capturing your target audience in the NOW.

16 Channels & Counting...

Segmented Content Channels by Interests


Latest technology, updates on latest gadgets like mobilephones, games, computers, broadband etc.


Niche blogs and social network like forums with information aboutyouth issues

Sports & Recreation

Sport with the latest scores, news, highlights from matches and sports communities


Travelers and holiday seekers looking for information like maps,vacation destinations, hotel packages, and accommodation


Provides in-depth information on global, historical and current issues as well as locally focused news


Sites on celebrities, humor, music, movies, pop culture,sci-fi and gossips

Food & Dining

Highlights different food, restaurant reviews and recipes of all sorts

Career & Learning

Resources for online education, education topics, job hunting and career advancement

Business & Finance

Latest news for all financial and business issues,investments and current affairs


Latest fashion, makeup, beauty advice, dating, social tips and gossips. Anything women share among themselves

Real Estate

Includes sites with property information, buy-sell property, home loans,developers' updates and latest updates on new property launches etc.

Social Community

Trading services, online social networking,knowledge sharing, and keeping in touch with friends globally etc.


Latest automotive updates from designs, manufacturers,and technology to accessories


Famous game sites, game related news and latest game information


The best online resources on baby care, baby products, pregnancy/parenting tips, sharing maternity/parenting experiences


Chinese language content sites across many topics, namely entertainment, forums, news, travel log, blogs and more...

Innity's Male and Female Networks

Engage Him and Engage Her was introduced to provide marketers with a platform to buy into a wide variety of gender skewed content channels, ensuring that they reach out effectively to their respective target audience. The networks bring together some of the best local, regional and international sites catering to the interests of the modern age, digitally-savvy men and women. It enable marketers to ensure the delivery of the right message to the right audience at the right time and place.